Nothing to Lose

When you told me that you weren’t in love with me, I had nothing to lose, and everything to cling to. Even now, knowing everything I know/found out, I don’t want to lose you. I am well aware of my self-worth, but I also know how much I love you. I want you in my life so badly, I become a martyr of self. We both deserve better, but I want you. I am so deeply and undeniably in love with you, that I am willing to be THAT crazy chick, just to hold onto pieces of you.  The “Someday” in which I will get over you is coming sooner rather than later, because I have become an unhealthy version of myself since I have nothing to lose. I am starting to slip into old habits, and will eventually slip away completely if I don’t choose to pull it together and actually have SOMETHING…not “something,” SOMEONE to lose. I AM someone to lose, and I will be lost if I don’t start acting like I am worth saving myself.

Now the question is: Can I make that choice to save myself, or am I finally over all of it, with nothing to lose?


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