For My Heart’s Sake

Sometimes we forget that people can change;they may not be able to keep those changes as permanent, but the efforts and intentions are there. When those changes do happen, there is a butterfly effect of changes in responses and actions by all individuals involved. What happens when you are terrified that the way you choose to respond will ruin the chain of response causing an undesirable outcome? Is there ever a “right” response? Is he really changed, or is this temporary? If I believe he has changed, what am I risking? MY heart. My heart is always on the line in this relationship, and I have too much to lose. But if I don’t believe that he has changed, I am asking him to prove himself, and where is the faith and trust in that. I don’t pray often, if at all, and my faith is sporadic (a contradiction, I know), but I pray this is real, for my heart’s sake.


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