What A Feeling

I am almost 25 years old; I have earned two Masters degrees, and am considered to be the black sheep of my family yet every time that I visit them, it is strange to me that the place that I ran away from most of my life and continue to run from is also the only place that can satisfy the specific void within me that continues to help me to grow both emotionally and physically further away from them. If I am around my family members too long, I allow them to break me down, but when I distance myself away from them and only spend increments of time with them, the separation between us along with our unique connection builds me up. Without the connection, I would eventually fall apart. I cannot explain this feeling any clearer than this, but what I do know is that as much as I distance myself from them I could not possibly live without them. I suppose that at the end of the day it is because they are in fact the reason that I am; without them, life would not be life, I would not be me; I am a product of them and they of me.


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