The Wrecking Ball

I’m not sure if we all have these moments, or if it is only us Crazies, but there is always a revisiting moment when everything is perfect: A holy grail, that perfect moment; everyone loves you, you love everyone else, EVERYTHING else. Job is great, life-great….

wrecking-ballThen, the wrecking ball crashes you into “reality.” You don’t know how long it will be until you reach that state of bliss again, or if you ever will. And then, when you do, reach bliss again, you don’t know how long you have until that wrecking ball revisits you.

When you have friends who also experience this, or when you experience this yourself, it is so hard to know when to push yourself or that friend, to fight it. It is even more difficult when you understand the difficulty of giving in, giving up, or pushing forward. When is enough, enough? Sometimes I feel like the building that can’t be knocked down, even when I’m not standing.

Push forward?


I’m weak? You don’t know how strong I am.

Push forward, even when it seems impossible, even when it is so annoying, even when it is unfair. Because it IS unfair. Don’t let it win!

Push forward.


8 thoughts on “The Wrecking Ball

  1. Very inspiring, it is hard when we find ourselves getting down like this, but we can never give in. We must always strive to push forward and keep those bad thoughts away. Great post.

  2. I adored this. The “wrecking ball” I know so well. It could be anything. for me that is…self-sabotage/internal or external world in relation to past, present and future, just those “bad” days when I wake up and the world is at war with me. Perhaps I’m at war with myself. The internal dialogue of my bulling self, the words of another that one those great days wouldn’t have counted. Thank you…much reflection from your writing. x

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