Someone was Seeking Amy

-To have a better understanding of this post, you may want to read my post, “Guarded.”


So as stated before, the fact that I am a woman, a nymph, and am pretty good at detaching myself emotionally from my sex partners, my confidence in my sexuality can be mistaken by men and women alike. So much so, that in the past 6 months I have been asked to be the third wheel of a threesome about four times. All but one were with one other girl and one guy.

The last thing I want is to be “Amy,” or the poster child/woman for threesomes (I had one in undergrad with my best friend (female) and a good friend of mine (male); one night in college after “watching a movie” and drinking, it just happened. At this point in my life, I had no intention on exploring threesomes further. Don’t get me wrong, my threesome was great; it was hot, but the novelty of it has disappeared for me. It wasn’t until a good friend of mine and his girlfriend (the 4th couple to ask me), that I had an interest in pursuing my second threesome. I had already slept with him casually for a year before they began dating, which she is fully aware of and contributes to her comfort with it. She and I became friends through him although she is in my graduate program; she is a year behind me and we had only talked a few times prior to their dating. I actually invited him to one of my grad school events and ended up introducing them/ hooking them up. It turns out that she is very attracted to me and wants to pursue her bi-curiosity with me (she has never done anything with a woman. Needless to say, he is threatened by her attraction to me. What is worse is that although we are good friends, he is now questioning my every move, all the way down to my asking her to go on a walk with me outside during my lunch break (she lives right next to my work/our grad school building). I’m sorry that your girlfriend is attracted to me, but to scold me and distrust me for responding to the attraction that both of you voiced is ridiculous. I would never and have never given you a reason not to trust me, and I would never have even thought to have a threesome or any sexual experience with either of you. She may be the one that you need to question. I specifically said that I wanted no part in it if it was going to get awkward, glad it worked out. Gah. So once again, I get bashed for being a sexual person.


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