When is Enough, Enough?

I try so hard to save friendships with people who are generally good people, but not always the greatest friends to me. I should mention that they happen to be great friends to others. Sometimes arguments, discussions, disagreements, or whatever you would like to call them, get so blurry in the who said what combo. What each person said is taken a different which way, no one knows what to say, and before you know it, we are “beating a dead horse” (excuse the expression).

I am not good at giving up on people, nor am I GREAT with rejection, but when is enough, ENOUGH? Sometimes I just feel like a total masochist. And, it is harder when the other person feels the same way. You start to wonder who is really getting it, and who isn’t. Is it really you? I don’t try to cause drama, I am very comfortable with confrontation. If I have an issue, I tell you immediately, blatantly and  honestly. I thought that was suppose to help in communicating with people…. What is a girl to do? I’ve had enough with so many people. Is it time to give them up?


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